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Generating new ideas… for organisations & individuals!
… then supporting until changes are achieved!

Our Purpose

is to provide personal development through alternative learning and achievement pathways such as mentoring, including a broader approach to the skills required to earn an income.

Our Values



to be honest and operate from strong principles



to recognise others and seek recognition



to work together to the same end



to use imagination to create or invent something



to acquire skills, knowledge and behaviours



to be healthy, happy and free from stress

Our Mission

is to provide the ongoing skills set necessary for people to be successful, empowered members of the communities they live and work in.

A Tasmanian company

proudly servicing individuals & organisations around the world

Our Team

Work and People - coaching and mentoring services
Consulting Services

Our goal is to provide you with services that develop and build your knowledge and capability so that you are empowered to make informed decisions for your business.

Our strength is our team and through this team we can offer our range of services in a way that are designed to meet your specific business need and/or requirements. This could include just having someone to bounce some ideas off or planning and implementing a major technology, business or education project.

Our approach is to work with you and your business in a collaborative and cooperative way where the focus is on empowering you to make informed choices that you can manage, influence and/or control. We do this by guiding you and your team through the process taking account of of your specific need.

Our business enterprise consulting services provide services in the areas of:

Business and strategic planning
Project management services
Compliance health checks and audits for NVR /VET, CRICOS, ICT and Tourism sectors
Digital strategy development
Digital literacy for business
Ecommerce and learning management solutions
Education, training and course design, including eLearning solutions
Instructional and technical content, tender and grant writing
Organisation and leadership development
Website development, social media management, digital marketing search engine optimisation (SEO), Google analytics and Adword campaign development
Our digital coaching and mentoring services are available for:

Small business owners
Team leaders
Chief Executive Officers (CEOs); and
Boards of management

Work and People - coaching and mentoring services
Online Engagement

Frankie Forsyth Consulting provides coaching and consultancy services in e-business and e-learning. We offer training and support for anyone interested in making the most of the internet for education or business. Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia we can coach you in how to make better use of the online world and provide services which improve your business systems and profitability.

We will work with you to:

  • improve your website and web presence
  • improve your e-commerce activities
  • increase your staff’s confidence in doing business online
  • support your use of social media
  • incorporate e-learning in your activities
Work and People - coaching and mentoring services
Business Enterprise Services

Business Enterprise Services  is a business established as a vehicle for experienced professionals, Frankie Forsyth (Frankie Forsyth Consulting Pty Ltd), Ian Whitehouse (Digital Coaching Consultancy Pty Ltd and Lesley Hazelwood (Work & People Pty Ltd), to work collaboratively to deliver Business Enterprise Services.

Frankie Forsyth
Frankie Forsyth

Mobile: – 0419 513 255

Web: www.buinessenterpriseservices.com.au
Skype: – frankieforsyth
Ian Whitehouse
Ian Whitehouse

Mobile: – 0421 102 393

Email: ian@businessenterpriseservices.com.au
Web: www.businessenterpriseservices.com.au
Skype: – colesbay1
Lesley Hazelwood

Lesley Hazelwood

Mobile: – 0408 171 871

Email: lesley@businessenterpriseservices.com.au
Web: www.businessenterpriseservices.com.au
Skype: – lesleyjoanhazelwood

Business Enterprise Services’s experienced small business coaches will help you to create and build your business. We can offer practical tools, techniques and strategies to help you.As well as a general business health check we cover:

How to get started in business:

  • what it takes to be successful
  • evaluating opportunities
  • whether to buy or start a new business
  • marketing, finance and compliance issues
  • what registrations licences and permits you need
  • putting it all together in a business plan.
How to promote your business:

  • take control of your marketing
  • develop a step-by-step marketing strategy
  • effectively use the web and online tools
  • deciding which promotional techniques to use
  • building customer relationships
  • developing your online presence.
How to plan for business success:

  • how and why you should plan
  • business planning tools
  • preparing an action plan
  • financial management and budgeting
  • digital strategy planning.
How to effectively manage a business:

  • basic book-keeping
  • managing cash flow
  • meeting compliance requirements
  • staffing
  • developing your own business skills
  • managing your online presence.

We exist...

to help individual people and organisations to grow and develop new abilities and strengths in a range of areas.