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How we do it

We'll work with you to help create real change

Our Mission

is to provide the ongoing skills set necessary for people to be successful, empowered members of the communities they live and work in.

Our Team Approach

is multifaceted with the aim of promoting mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial growth for all. Our business name was specifically chosen to encompass the idea that ‘work’ and ‘people’ fit together – one facet can utilise any other facet to provide learning and life and business inspiration.


In general, the way we work is:

  • One on one Individual sessions (or blocks of time) are a combination of face-to-face, phone, and online meetings. What each session covers is determined by the individual or business specific needs at that time.
  • Small group based Organisation sessions (or blocks of time) occur with 2 – 6 people over a set period and can be held for minimum of two hours each time or longer. Participants determine the outcomes wanted in the first meeting and these results are checked and refined for future sessions if the need arises.
  • Blocks of time are used in 15 minute intervals and must be used within 12 months from purchase date

Individual Choices

Career Transitioning

Using interests and previous experience to identify future income options

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Skills Profiling

Listing current skills, interests or school results to identify future work opportunities

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Accreditation Brokering

From identifying previous experience or training to determine possible accredited qualification options, through to arranging assessment materials and brokering through suitable Registered Training Organisations

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Individual Mentoring & Coaching

Using phone, email, Skype or face-to-face time to work through current problems or as sounding board for new ideas

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Organisational Services

Workforce development & Succession planning

Individual, team or organisational workforce skill identification against current or future needs

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Training needs analysis & Organisational development

Individual, team or organisation-wide analysis of current levels of skills and experience to ensure organisational development strategies are focussed and/or can be achieved

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Internal audits & Business health checks

A check of any individual area of business or whole of business against identified standards

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Tailored HR training programs

Design, develop and conduct training programs to address particular needs. Linking and/or brokerage to accredited qualifications if required.

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Our Strengths

are our life and business experiences, our networks, our enthusiasm and our innovative outlook.