Business Enterprise Services  is a business established as a vehicle for experienced professionals, Frankie Forsyth (Frankie Forsyth Consulting Pty Ltd), Ian Whitehouse (Digital Coaching Consultancy Pty Ltd and Lesley Hazelwood (Work & People Pty Ltd), to work collaboratively to deliver Business Enterprise Services.

Frankie Forsyth
Frankie Forsyth

Mobile: – 0419 513 255
Skype: – frankieforsyth
Ian Whitehouse
Ian Whitehouse

Mobile: – 0421 102 393

Skype: – colesbay1
Lesley Hazelwood

Lesley Hazelwood

Mobile: – 0408 171 871

Skype: – lesleyjoanhazelwood

Business Enterprise Services’s experienced small business coaches will help you to create and build your business. We can offer practical tools, techniques and strategies to help you.As well as a general business health check we cover:

How to get started in business:

  • what it takes to be successful
  • evaluating opportunities
  • whether to buy or start a new business
  • marketing, finance and compliance issues
  • what registrations licences and permits you need
  • putting it all together in a business plan.
How to promote your business:

  • take control of your marketing
  • develop a step-by-step marketing strategy
  • effectively use the web and online tools
  • deciding which promotional techniques to use
  • building customer relationships
  • developing your online presence.
How to plan for business success:

  • how and why you should plan
  • business planning tools
  • preparing an action plan
  • financial management and budgeting
  • digital strategy planning.
How to effectively manage a business:

  • basic book-keeping
  • managing cash flow
  • meeting compliance requirements
  • staffing
  • developing your own business skills
  • managing your online presence.